Your multilingual event deserves the highest level of quality. I can help you craft it. I studied conference interpreting with a passion for it and lived several years abroad between Berlin, London, Istanbul, Brussels and Vancouver. A job connected to interculturality and foreign languages became therefore very quickly an obvious career choice. I am mindful of providing quality work and taking into account the client’s wishes while respecting the codes of the profession.

Accredited to the European institutions since 2020 for English, German and Spanish into French.

  • I interpret from English, German and Spanish into French and from French into English.
  • I translate from English and German into French.
  • Member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters (CBTI-BKTV) since 2015. Vice-President of the Interpreters Committee between 2018 and 2020.
  • Based in Brussels, Belgium, at the heart of Europe and its major cities (Geneva, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam,etc.)
  • Ready to work remotely, familiar with all major RSI-platforms (Zoom, Interactio, Kudo & Quaqua).