Simultaneous interpreting

A: French – B: English – C: German and Spanish
Specialized in European affairs, agriculture, international relations, environment, science and research.

Real-time translation of spoken word into the desired target language; generally carried out from a sound-proof booth by a team of multiple interpreters; clients listen to the interpretation on headphones or through speakers.

Consecutive interpreting

A: French – B: English and German – C: Spanish

Delayed and does not require booths; here the interpreter sits next to the speaker and takes notes. Perfect for meetings in smaller rooms.


A: French – B: English and German – C: Spanish

Similar to simultaneous interpreting but without any technical equipment; can only be used for very short discussions and for a maximum of two listeners due to its acoustic limitations.

Technical translation

English – German > French

I also offer high-quality technical translations for the following areas of expertise: European policies, international relations and governance, agriculture, official documents, science and research, culture and media, aerospace, data protection, environment.